Discover your Prosperity Path

‘Coaching’ is over used.  The basic notion of a Coach is to get more results than one can get on their own.  With the The Prosperity Path as a center point, we will make the next step simple and clear.  Make the progress you want, with full, effective, experienced support.  Get on the path –

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our masterclass is the natural way to know if you will benefit from Business Prosperity School- Check it out here

  • In the masterclass, you will discover
    • all the kinds of ‘exits’ – whats best for me?
    • ethical wealth transfer tools – when should I use them?
    • growing from 1 employee to 1000 employees; where do I really stand and what should I focus on next?
    • all capital categories to fund growth.  What fits my business?
      • BONUS:
        • 20 types of non-dilutive capital – Can any of this free money be used in my business?

Individual Coaching

regularly scheduled – bi weekly

individualized and custom

Book your FREE Prosperity Plan Strategy Call here.


Permanent Prosperity Elite Coaching Group

Game Plan and support to grow your business by 1000%.

  • Apply here
  • Become accepted.
  • Map your Prosperity Path
  • Craft your Prosperity Game Plan ($6700 value)
    • Customized, executable steps
    • Series of assessments, prioritized needs with action steps
      • Which of the exits is best for me?
        • How do I maximize it now and then?
      • Which of the ethical wealth transfer tools will I use?
        • When will I use them?
    • Where am I in the 4 phases of business growth?
    • What areas am I doing great?
    • What I need to do next to progress

12 monthly, 90-minute Coaching and Accountability sessions ($4700 value)

  • What’s on your mind?
  • What’s keeping you up at night?
  • Did you follow the action plan?


Growing a business by 10x is very hard work.

If you are not able to commit to doing hard work, investing additional hours and committing the needed resources (like your money and staff), this is not for you.