Growth Foundations Course

(for Entrepreneurs)

  • (12) 90-minute weekly sessions
    1. Mindset and Limits. Goals and Expectations for our work together.
    2. Map your Path: Begin at the end; 4 growth phases
    3. Collecting Capital
    4. Irrelevance Hierarchy and vision building questions
    5. 6 key areas in business
    6. Your experiences and your purpose here
    7. Core Values, BHAG, Niche
    8. Ideal target, differentiators, proven process, risk reversal
    9. Scorecard, 90 day goals, uncluttering your mental to-do list
    10. 3-5 yr visual, 1 yr game plan
    11. World class meetings and quarterly off-sites, healthy team problem solving
    12. Cast and re-cast the vision.  Launch!!
  • Includes weekly group coaching

Process Mini-Course:

Determine your ‘way’. Build your prototype.

  • Discover your keys that make customers love doing business with you
  • Document the ‘ABC Way’ we make customers into clients
  • Develop the training rhythms to duplicate the love and create raving fans

People Mini-Course:

Find the right people.  Build all your people.

  • Right people attributes for your team or business
  • Helping the wrong people find a better fit elsewhere
  • Investing in your team and right people

Promotion Mini-Course:

Determine your ideal client.  Build your magnet.

  • Refine who you serve and the problem you solve for them
  • Reveal all their attributes and where they hang out
  • Craft the naturally attractive elements that give away value
  • Cultivate your relationship so they love, love, love you.
  • Serve and over-deliver to lock them in as a client for life

Purpose Mini-Course:

Build yourself. Build UPON your faith.

  • UNIQUE – your experiences, gifts and talents make you special.  How should those apply to your career business?
  • PURPOSE – mine, yours, HIS
  • OPPORTUNITY – dreams and fulfillment now, Permanent Rewards in Heaven
  • NEXT STEPS – personal rhythms and habits, business or team actions

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