Exit Board

You’re not going to live forever.  With peers and experts, decide the best course on your terms

Assemble the wise counsel to increase prosperity during the building process.  This group should include all or some of the following roles – legal, tax planning, auditing, IT/technology, wealth/money management, entity structuring, insurance advisory, banking.  The key is to ensure you communicate clearly on your goals and that your worldview aligns with the advisors on your exit board.

  • Strategy plan session
  • Add world class experts to your team
  • Monthly update and next step accountability calls
  • Introductions to specific and ideal expertise contacts
  • Arranged and escorted meetings
  • Pre-conversation coaching and prep
  • Post conversation debrief and planning

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How will you exit?  What’s this thing worth?

It’s important to begin with the end in mind as much as is possible. Some businesses plan this prior to starting, but the majority of businesses do not have a plan.  Even fewer begin the process in the ideal time frame. Most transaction experts suggest starting to execute the transition 3-5 years prior; ideally 5-7 years prior.

There are multiple types of exits/transitions.  Below are a couple examples:

  • Synergistic buyer
  • Sell to an ESOP
  • Retain the business after exiting the day to day

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Getting the most out of this business.

Making money is a natural result of providing value to your clients.  What’s not so natural is the wealth transfer before the exit.  There are 3 well-known methods for moving the wealth from the business to the individuals that own the business.  Businesses that generate more than 130% of the owner benefit requirements should be moving some of the wealth back to the owners with a blend of the following tools.


For decades insurance has been an effective method for corporations to migrating wealth to the ownership.  While there are many licensed insurance agents, few are keenly focused on the best products and which companies to trust.  Even fewer are schooled in ways to structure the program to sidestep tax thoroughly.


Many businesses have assets that can serve as leverage to send wealth to the ownership.  Donor-advised funds are just 1 example of how to move the wealth held inside the business entity.  And when done the right way, like working with the National Christian Foundation, the move can serve double duty meeting multiple objectives for your family and future.


We have all heard this term used in popular conversation but you can use it in your personal situation.  This tool allows much flexibility.  Some examples are a CRT (charitable remainder trust) or family trust.  And when combined in the right entity structure with a blend of funds and contracts, the impact is significant and legacy is long lasting.

Can I use these tools?  When should I start?  How much money am I losing?  Get the answers to all these questions and more:

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